Sunday, 16 October 2016

Bolly beauties follow lipstick zodiac trend

Article coutesy - Time of India

ARIES ( March 21 -April 19 )
Colour: Hot pink
Arians are sexy and fearless, and like the unexpected. While red is more their colour, it is way too obvious. So, hot pink is the colour of this sign as it is fierce and unapologetic, just like them.

TAURUS ( April 20 -May 20 )
Colour: Deep burgundy
Taurians are dark, stubborn, low-key, sexy and sophisticated all in one, much like their sign colour, deep burgundy. This colour is also royal and classy — a true reflection of all Taurians.

GEMINI ( May 21 -June 20 )
Colour: Plum
Geminis are mysterious, with distinct individual characteristics. They have the look, style and confidence, which makes you the envy of every woman. They know how to rock fashion that others can't. No wonder, then that plum is their colour.

CANCER ( June 21-July 22 )
Colour: Passion red
Cancerians are moody and emotional creatures, but with a super strong exterior. So, passion red, the strongest and most fiery colour, represents them best. After all, it is the lips that should do all the talking for them.

LEO ( July 23 -August 22 )Colour: Coral
Leos are sublimely charismatic. They are fun, flirtatious and sexy, with a smile to die for. This is why the hard-to-define coral — a flirty pink meets orange shade — is their colour.

VIRGO (August 23 -September 22)
Colour: Maroon
Virgos are honest and efficient, so much that they usually have a hard time relaxing. Hence, maroon, the colour that demands respect and denotes controlled and thoughtful action, is ideal for them.

LIBRA ( September 23 -October 22 )Colour: Nude
Librans are strong, perfectionists and tend to over-think. They are also sensual and charming, which is why the no-nonsense subtle nude is their colour as it enhances their features without taking attention away from them.

SCORPIO ( October 23 -November 21 )
Colour: Purple
Scorpios are independent and determined, and give two-hoots about what people think. They are also part tomboy and part femme fetale, so purple is the colour for them.

SAGITTARIUS ( November 22 -December 21 )
Colour: Berry
Sagittarians are philosophers and are incredibly positive, which makes them a storehouse of good energy. Hence, a warm berry lipstick is perfect for them. It is smart, sexy, pretty yet understated — exactly like them.

CAPRICORN ( December 22 January 19)
Colour: Orange
Capricorns are effortless sexy. They become the center of attraction without trying hard, just like the colour orange, which is sexy, but not too obvious. So, Capricorns can flatter their lips and be a trendsetter, discreetly of course.

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